what information does pollitik have on asia?

Asia constitutes an incomprehensible expanse of land, inhabited by an array of people incomprehensible in their profound diversity and colossal history – and with them, some of the largest economies globally. Asia then contains both the cradle of human civilization (as emergent from the shorelines of subcontinental river basins) – as well as various contenders for the very tendency of human civilization, steadfastly remaining the most populous continent, comprising 48 countries recognized by the United Nations, about 39 from which Pollitik gathers, manipulates, and analyzes data.


Pollitik sources and regularly refreshes its data set from a wide array of firms throughout Asia, and strives to maintain a consistency about both internal methodology – that is, how Pollitik conducts its analyses – but as well, about external methodology: finding firms that collect public opinion data in similar ways, and moreover do it well.

Pollitik uses data from the Executive Approval Project to estimate latent approval using James Stimson’s (1991) dyads-ratio algorithm.

Refer to the following sheet for a better understanding of our approach to Asia.

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