q: what is pollitik?

a: we are writers, analysts, scientists, students, thinkers.

Comprised of a diverse group of undergraduate and graduate students from all throughout Georgia, Pollitik is a research effort aimed at understanding what makes public opinion of executives tick.

With a huge collection of data assimilated and manipulated in conjunction with the cross-national Executive Approval Project, a team of dedicated researchers, and an extensive outlay of theory – Pollitik aims to create deliverable, outwards-facing analyses on what shapes your (and everyone else's) opinions on national leaders, worldwide.

Keep up with us for best-in-class understanding of how executives win over the public – and how they all too often lose it.

who is pollitik?

ryan e. carlin

Ryan E. Carlin is a professor of political science at Georgia State University, with a focus in comparative politics – as well as the sponsor of Pollitik. His research is primarily positivist, and concerns the intersections of public opinion and political behavior, with an emphasis on the Americas.

When not teaching, researching, or nobly leading Pollitik, Ryan enjoys making music – be it singing, playing piano, or strumming on a guitar with his bandmates.

yoonyoung cho

Yoonyoung Cho is a student in the Ph.D. program at Georgia State University, with a focus in political science. Her research concerns the statistical/positivist dimensions of political economy, with a particular focus on developing countries. During her time at Pollitik, Yoonyoung has led on data collection for South Korea.

When not conducting research on global economic development or assisting Pollitik, Yoonyoung enjoys artistic pursuits, especially painting.

trevor kosloski

Trevor Kosloski is an undergraduate student at Georgia State University studying political science and philosophy. His research is primarily theoretical, and concerns critical questions about the history of capitalism and the abstract human. At Pollitik, Trevor leads on data collection for France and Germany, as well as web design and copywriting.

When not working away at maintaining the Pollitik website, Trevor loves cooking, and reading with friends.

ira livnat

Ira Livnat is an undergraduate at Georgia State University studying political science and pre-law, with a particular interest in constitutional law. Leading the marketing and branding for Pollitik, Ira is responsible for our look, feel, and ensuring our content is seen.

When not honing his edge for marketing and social media analytics, Ira loves watching films, and has a passion for cinematography and the process of filmmaking.

brenda mercado

Brenda Mercado is an undergraduate studying political science at the University of West Georgia, and a prospective Ph.D. candidate at Georgia State University. Her research concerns political culture and public opinion, with a particular focus on Latin America, having led data collection for Brazil and Mexico at Pollitik.

When not working on data collection for Pollitik, or conducting research on political culture, Brenda loves to spend time with her dog.

kelsi quick

Kelsi Quick is a graduate student at Georgia State University (and future professor) with an interest in comparative & international politics. Their research focuses on political institutions and the implications of gender for public opinion, parliamentary systems, and the Eurozone.

Having worked extensively with our data, Kelsi leads in research on parliamentary systems globally. When they're not working, they like to relax and read with their bearded dragon.

interested in joining the effort?

Operating under the Experience, Project-based and Interdisciplinary Curriculum (EPIC) effort, Pollitik provides students and researchers from all disciplines the opportunity to better understand the machinations of the democracies under which they reside.

Pollitik is a principally Georgia State University-based lab, and as such is mainly joined by undergraduate students via registration for Directed Readings, POLS 4920, and by graduate students via registration for the cross-linked POLS 8980.

External participants should contact Dr. Ryan E. Carlin, rcarlin@gsu.edu for more information on getting involved.